Resurrection Memphis Media

Resurrection Media exists to provide top-level, second-mile service to our church community through a partnership with all ministries, to prepare, operate, maintain, support and seamlessly integrate the technologies of audio, video and graphical presentations, that equip and enhance the outreach and commission of our parish to the world.

Our Media Department is a community of various members of diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re young or older, experienced or just passionate, introverted or extroverted, we all have a place on this team.

We work together, serving often in different capacities simultaneously, to set the stage of opportunity so God’s Spirit can interact without distraction or hinderance, so that one more might cross the line of faith and grow in their dependence on the Eucharist.

Resurrection Productions prepares, operates and supports the audio, video and graphical presentational needs of all ministries and outreaches of our parish.

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